Giant Crab and More Beach at Rehoboth Beach

So I’m in Starbucks this a.m just like every other day and behind me in line is the lovely Mary Murphy of Hamel’s Market. She says to me, “Isn’t it amazing how big the beach is?!” Now, I have no idea what she’s talking about, but I am the BUZZ, so I say, “I know! Wow!” and pretend I’m every bit the informed person I’m believed to be! Later on I’m down by the Boardwalk and I see this amazing huge rolling tripod on the beach which proceeds to roll right out into the water and back again and then I realize that the beach south of Dolly’s is now HUGE.  OMG! They’ve been dredging and have replenished the sand and YOWZA we have a LOT more beach here in Rehoboth Beach.  The company responsible is Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, the PREMIER dredging contractor according to their site, and the huge funny machine that I am uber fascinated with is called, the Crab.  The Crab operator is the surveyor, insuring that the beach is a certain number of feet above sea level.  Very cool!

Giant Crab Helps Replenish Rehoboth Beach

Giant Crab Helps Replenish Rehoboth Beach


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In case we haven’t met, my name is Deb Griffin and I’m a Realtor® living in Lewes, a resort area in Southern Delaware. I’ve been here full time for five years, and I love living at the beach! Every day I learn more about the area and what it has to offer, so The Local Buzz was created as a way to share information with visitors and newer residents like myself. In addition to this blog, The Local Buzz is an email newsletter, which I send out every three weeks (or so) to 3000 readers. Sometimes I discover a new place that I can’t wait to share, or hear of an event that will happen before the next issue, so I thought a blog would be a great way to fill the gap! My real estate team is called The Jetty Group which is part of Maggio Shields Real Estate. This is my third career (after nursing and office management) and I love it! I donate a portion of my commissions to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter here in Sussex County, Delaware.
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    Please add us to your email. Great infor!

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